Living With Parkinson’s Disease at Home


Living with Parkinson’s disease requires adjustments from the patient and caregiver alike. Helping your loved one remain active and engaged is very important to maintaining independence.  Our caregivers can assist in several ways to decrease frustrations and increase the quality of life for the Parkinson’s patient and provide needed respite, encouragement, and support for the family caregiver.Parkinsons Care At Home

Evergreen Home Companion can provide daily supportive services for the Elderly living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Daily Supportive Services for the Elderly Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Recommendations of Home Safety Measures

  • Organizing the home – A caregiver can help by organizing and removing clutter. Items the patient uses frequently should be placed at a level convenient for the patient so that they do not have to reach to high or bend to low.
  • Clearing walkways – removing throw rugs and tacking down loose carpets that could cause falls.
  • Increasing lighting with nightlights especially in bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Provide medication reminders so that doses are not missed or duplicated.
  • Placing non-skid rubber mats in shower stalls and bathtubs.

Assisting with Personal Non-Medical Home Care

  • Bathing with respect and dignity
  • Assistance with electric razor and toothbrush
  • Dressing assistance – opting for clothing with fewer buttons, zippers, and difficult closures – elastic waistbands and Velcro shoes

Assisting with Meals

  • Shopping Assistance
  • Preparation of healthy meals
  • Allowing as much time as possible for mealtimes
  • Encouragement smaller, more frequent meals
  • Utilizing specially designed dishes utensils and cups

Assisting with Homemaking

  • Helping caregiver with laundry and bedmaking
  • Light housekeeping
  • Running errands, shopping, pharmacy trips

Keeping the Elderly Patient Active at Home

  • Assisting patient with a hobby or other interest – playing with pets, attending concerts, movies, etc…
  • Providing exercise assistance – in home exercise or walking


Evergreen Home Companion is ready and willing to provide the daily support necessary to ensure that your loved one can stay as active and engaged in life as much as possible.  Their support can also help to maintain the health and wellness of family caregivers. Please feel free to call our office and speak to one of our Case Managers for more information about our support of the Parkinson’s patient and their family.


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