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Many times home care needs aren’t limited to daytime hours. If you are in need of Overnight Homecare, our trusted caregivers can provide the attentive, dedicated service you need. At Evergreen Home companion, we provide highly personalized, overnight home care at a discounted rate help you live without worry.

If you are a primary caregiver for a loved one, you understand the impacts of not getting enough rest for yourself.  Evergreen Home Companion can help provide you the opportunity to provide recuperative time for yourself so you are ready for the next day.

Overnight senior care services include caregiver assistance a for few hours and before and after a good night’s rest.

  • Before bed, we can assist with bathing, bathroom assistance, and getting ready for bed.
  • Through the night, the caregivers can be there if your loved one is unable to sleep, needs a drink of water, or needs assistance using the restroom.
  • In the morning, our caregivers can assist your loved one with waking up, medication reminders, dressing, and making a nutritious breakfast.

Why Live-In or Overnight Care?

Providing your loved ones with around-the-clock can be the best alternative to avoid a nursing home. Two major reasons for elder adults consider moving to Assisted Living Facilities or nursing homes is concerns over taking medications and fall risk concerns. Overnight care or 24/7 care is a preferred alternative.  It means familiar surroundings, one-on-one dedicated care. Having access to live-in help or a dedicated and skilled overnight caregiver can reduce the factors that might lead to a nursing home admission. Evergreen Home Companion’s elder care services offer you a wide range of options to help your loved one when they need it most in any configuration or schedule.


Occasional Overnight Attendant*

 (*requires a place for the caregiver to sleep)

  • Getting a Glass of Water
  • Medication Wake-up Reminders
  • Assistance to the Bathroom
  • Emotional Support for Nightmares or Waking Disorientation
  • Comfort of Having Someone in Your House to Alleviate Fears



Vigilant Overnight Attendant

If circumstances require someone to be awake throughout the night, we are there for you.  You can count on us to be there for any need.

  • Assistance with Personal Care Through the Night
  • Monitoring for Clients Who Wander or Sleep-walk
  • Incontinence Assistance
  • Monitoring Fluid Intake
  • Cold Compresses
  • Sponge/Bed Baths
  • Changing Soiled Linens and Bed Clothes
  • Ambulation Assistance
  • Transfers/Mobility
  • Bed Pan
  • Active Monitoring of Symptoms


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Let us help you or your loved one to improve quality of life and retain independence.  To learn more, please contact us today at (816) 524-CARE (2273) to experience the Evergreen Home Companion difference.

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