Hospice Support is a Blessing

For families of patients at end of life, providing care can be physically and mentally very demanding. No matter how committed you are to the needs of the person you’re caring for, you also need to make time for yourself.  Engaging our professional Hospice Support care can make all the difference in this difficult time so you can focus on your relationship and remaining tender moments.


Hospice Support in Kansas CityEvergreen Home Companion’s in-home care services work hand-in-hand with hospice services and compliment each other. Hospice will supply you with all the equipment you need and will have nurses and assistants come to your home two to three days a week for a brief visit, and check your medical condition and medication needs.  But what about the other 22 hours in the day? Evergreen Home Companion can provide Hospice Support services such as hygiene, toileting, meal preparation and feeding, bathing, dressing, and all the other tasks that are challenging and can exhaust your energy.

We have designed our hospice support services to allow you time to recharge, confident with the knowledge that your loved one is being cared for by one of our friendly trained caregivers. Hospice home care can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Allowing time to give yourself a break and rest which will enable you to be there for your loved one feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Bringing in professional care to come into the home can be a tough decision. There are worries over disruption to existing routines, and lifestyle. However, it can bring tremendous relief knowing that your loved one is being provided the best care possible in their greatest time of need.  Our hospice support service is flexible and customized based upon your needs.  A caregiver can come everyday for a few hours, provide overnight relief, or even be available 24/7.

Please call us today to talk to one of our hospice support supervisors. You’ll be surprised at just how much we understand what you’re going through and can help you.

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