Affordable Senior Care

You want the best care for your loved one, after all, they deserve it!  We realize that affordable senior care is major consideration for
most families in the search for services for their loved one. More often than not, non-medical in-home care is by far the more affordable option when compared to assisted living or nursing home costs simply because you pay for only the care that you need.

We are dedicated to making home care for your love one affordable and will assist in educating and assisting your in navigating the potential funding sources.

Here are the most common ways that families pay for home care services:

Private Pay

This is not just cash in the bank or monthly pensions. We can also look at annuities, trusts, or other financial holdings.

Asset Conversion

Financial tools such as Reverse Mortgage, Home Equity Line of Credit can help make aging in place a reality.

Long Term Care Insurance

If you are not sure how to navigate your long-term care policy we have resources that can help.

Family Funding

Many times children will assist in providing funding for their parents care, whether it be an individual or by collective agreement.

Veteran's Bennefits

The Aid & Attendance Pension can help Veterans their spouses with covering or reducing their home care costs.

Life Insurance Conversion

88% of Life Insurance policies will lapse or be surrendered for little to no value. We will help you find out if a Life Settlement, Viatical Settlement or an Accelerated Death Benefit is an option for you.

Non Financial Considerations

Maintaining Options

Choosing to move into a facility usually triggers the process of selling your home and getting rid of possessions.  This is a very permanent action.  By deciding to age in place in the comfort of your own home, not only is the cost usually significantly less, but you also retain the ability to opt to move to a facility at a later time, if necessary.

Control of Care

Evergreen In home care provides a higher quality of care for multiple reasons:

  • Dedicated 1:1 care –  In a typical facility setting the staffing ratio is 1:14 (meaning less than 5 minutes out of every hour is spent on any one resident) 
  • You have control of who your caregiver is with homecare.  If you’re not happy, you can request a different caregiver.
  • You have direct input into the care plan.  You have control over what, how, and when tasks are done.
  • Visibility into the care that is being provided through our Family Portal.

Most seniors would much prefer to be in the comfort and emotional warmth of their own home as long as possible and where family and friends can visit anytime. Home is where they feel in control and can do things they want to do on their own timeframes.  Small rooms and general lack of privacy of a facility doesn’t allow for many personal possessions and mementos collected over a long life, nor does it provided that sense of home. In many situations, moving from home can be very traumatic for individuals. If they feel forced into a facility, it can be devastating. For many, moving into an institution marks the final chapter of their life and their health begins to degrade at a faster pace. 


With Evergreen Home Companion providing dedicated 1-1 care, you will know that your loved one is safe while they maintain their independent lifestyle:

  • Fall Prevention
  • Driving them on errands and to appointments
  • Ensuring proper personal hygiene and perform housekeeping
  • Preparing balanced meals, including special diets
  • Watching for signs that they may need to see a doctor
  • Providing information to family, medical professions and others who are HIPAA authorized

Having a regular caregiver results in more than a friend and companion, it provides a professional who really gets to know your loved one, and can notice the little things, such as if they are out of sorts, or down.  This degree of observation can provide invaluable in looking for potential health issues that may otherwise be overlooked or progress to a point of emergency.

Reduce Stress and Guilt

Choosing to place your loved one in an institutional setting can take its toll on all involved. Being displaced from their home can be a mental trigger for depression and a signal of “end of life.” For the one making this choice, it can leave an enormous sense of guilt.  You are weighing your options about what is right for your Mom or Dad and also about how much time you can really give them to make sure they are safe and well cared for. Let us help you! Evergreen Home Companion can perform all of those “have to do” tasks to make sure your loved one can safely stay in the comfort of their own home and eliminate all those guilt and stress factors.

Financial Considerations

Control of Cost

By utilizing in-home care, you have the ability to adjust how many hours are scheduled, and can increase, decrease or stop service at any time.  Having an aid in the home allows for easing into care, and can allow you to retain your financial assets for a time when a higher level of care is needed.

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